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Winter 2015 Infrastructure: More important than ever

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Local 150 Healthcare Meeting Dates & Registration

For more than a year, President-Business Manager James Sweeney and the Officers have discussed efforts to modernize Local 150's healthcare system to deliver sustainable and ...

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  • New IUOE ad campaign focuses on protecting Indiana’s Common Construction Wage

    As a close Senate vote looms in many Republicans’ effort to repeal Indiana’s Common Construction Wage, Local 150 joined other locals in Indiana to bring the case to the public. In three commercials, currently on air throughout the state, the …

  • Illinois Attorney General: “Right to Work” Zones are Illegal

    Throughout his campaign and early¬†tenure in office, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has promised to allow counties and municipalities the option to be “right to work” zones. That plan, however, is illegal, according to an opinion released Friday by Illinois Attorney …

  • How the super rich are attempting an Illinois takeover

    This article was originally posted on You have to go all the way back to ancient Athens to find an explanation for what’s happening in our country today. It was the political philosopher Aristotle who first used the term …