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April 2017 Fighting the Aftermath of Funding Sweeps

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Indiana Legislature Set to Vote on Major Road Funding Bill

On Thursday, leaders of the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives announced an agreement bridging the gap between their respective infrastructure bills. Once funding ...

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  • Why 420? A closer look at IUOE’s Steam Gauge

    We are commonly asked why the needle on the International Union’s steam gauge points to 420 psi, so we wanted to dive a little deeper on it today, on 4/20. This is by no means official. The IUOE steam gauge …

  • President Trump’s Executive Order Limiting H-1B Visas Must Protect U.S. Construction Workers

    “They can’t ship our jobs to Mexico,” construction workers like to say.  But in recent years, we’ve seen large scale construction projects dominated by foreign workers recruited by big corporations to undercut American wages and working conditions.  We’ve seen such …

  • Local 150 VP Kevin Burke: All Politics is Local

    Another round of Local elections in Illinois brought a lot of encouraging news with only a few bad spots. While we saw a few friendly mayors defeated by anti-union challengers, the victories far outnumbered the losses. In Rockford, Tom McNamara …